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The main reason why we are willing to grow plants in our interiors is their aesthetic value. We should also pay attention to their beneficial effects on our health and well-being – which is confirmed by the growing number of scientific studies.
We spend  90% of our time in enclosed spaces. Therefore, many of us suffer from various kinds of unpleasant symptoms associated with the lack of fresh air in the rooms and its poor quality. The source of contamination are, for example, by-products of respiration, fungi, microorganisms, building materials, office equipment and interior furnishings (solvents, wood preservatives, compounds emitted by paints, asbestos) and not maintained in a proper way air conditioning and ventilation.
Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) becomes a real nuisance in agglomerations and office buildings. When the building in which we live is sick, we also feel sick. Occupants of sick buildings complain about:

The symptoms of sick building syndrome affect work performance and even cause absenteeism. In 1982, the World Health Organization officially recognized SBS as a health problem. Fifteen years of testing vegetation in the business center of NASA showed that using only the three varieties of plants we can grow fresh air in the interiors. Recent studies have shown that houseplants have the ability to remove compounds such as benzene and hexane ranging from 50% to 75% of volatile organic compounds. Many scientific authorities claim that in order to ensure sustainable urban development and protection of the environment, social and economic – houseplants will become the new standard technology – necessary part of building installations improving the quality of life. Scientific research confirms that the vegetation in the human environment can increase the oxygen level in the blood and reduce the occurrence of medical symptoms such as:

Green human environment also has a significant impact on the growth of human productivity and efficiency – increasing it by 20%. Plants make our environment gain in value in both metaphoric and literal sense. To solve this problem Florabo2 has icluded in its offer conducting air quality tests in the interior – both chemical and biological: before placing the vegetation and after, for constant monitoring of changes.

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